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“Younger” looking Lifestyle!

 “Younger” looking Lifestyle!

A Link Between A Mediterranean Diet And A Long Life

 Harvard Medicine School Study found: People who adhered to a Mediterranean-style diet had “younger”-looking chromosomes. 

“It’s the antioxidants – in fruits, veggies and olive oil, wine, nuts, fish – that seem to have the effect, reducing inflammation and oxidative stress.” So it’s not the wine, nuts, fish, or greens separately that has an effect, but it seems to be all of the elements in concert.

Research team were interested in a part of the chromosome called the telomere, which is considered a biomarker for aging. The team found that people who ate a Mediterranean diet had longer telomeres than people who ate a “Western” diet, even when factors like body mass index, age, exercise level, calorie intake, and smoking history were controlled for.

Why would a Mediterranean diet protect the telomere from shrinking?

We do things every day that contribute to oxidative stress and inflammation: Smoking, being obese, and eating a high-sugar diet are all linked to shorter telomeres

The antioxidants in the Mediterranean diet are thought to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in our cells, possibly leading to a healthier telomeres.