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Artichalk Brings Mediterranean Lifestyle To Your Fingertips

Artichalk Brings Mediterranean Lifestyle To Your Fingertips

Artichalk is your practical nutrition solution in a personal app. With study after study proving the health and wellness benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, a way of eating and relating to good food thousands of years old, it is a wonder everyone has not adopted its principles in their lives. So today, a team of expert nutritionists in collaboration with technologists is committed to making the Mediterranean lifestyle accessible to everyone. Using advanced technology packaged in a simple and convenient app, ARTichalk is your practical solution for adopting the Mediterranean lifestyle - whether at home, at work or on the go.  

The title of a 10 year study conducted in Greece and presented in March 2015 to the American College of Cardiology's 64th Annual Scientific Session in San Diego says it all: "Adherence to Mediterranean is the Most Important Protector Against the Development of Fatal and Non-Fatal Cardiovascular Event: 10-Year Follow-up (2002-12) Of the Attica Study." The point of difference of the Mediterranean Lifestyle from other diet trends and fads is the proven benefits of disease prevention and longevity.

However, other studies and research reveals some obstacles to the adoption of the Mediterranean Diet.

1.    “Part of the problem is that doctors may not know exactly how to recommend heart healthy diets,” according to another study presented to the American College of Cardiology.

2.   “This lack of nutritional education in med school may slowly be starting to change as research continues to show the critical importance of diet in health, and the lack of nutrition education in med school becomes more glaring.” says Dr. David L. Katz, founding director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center

3.   Psychology may be a bigger issue. Our relationship with food is often out of balance but the Mediterranean Diet and healthy eating is a natural part of the culture among European countries along the Mediterranean coast.

4.   Cost may be another prejudicial issue, since the Mediterranean diet is often, but incorrectly, perceived to be more expensive.

But these obstacles don’t have to keep you from adopting a lifestyle proven to be the single most significant change we can make for our health and wellness. Especially since this lifestyle is a natural and simple way of living that celebrates wholesome food and community. Artichalk is your practical solution to breaking down these obstacles through the science of nutrition in a personal app.

Artichalk brings the nutrition cultural knowledge of the Mediterranean to your fingertips. By adding Mediterranean cultural context to the nutritional science in the Mediterranean Diet, Artichalk makes the Mediterranean Lifestyle accessible and personal to each of us. With details from your personal profile, ARTichalk guides you to a rich list of nutritional meals naturally matched to your individual nutritional needs. ARTicahlk empowers you to live YOUR healthy lifestyle filled with the aromas, flavors and good memories of wonderful food, family and friends.

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