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Extracting the best from food: Zoè’s mission

Extracting the best from food: Zoè’s mission

Matteo, company’s CEO, greets us in the morning while finishing preparing the ingredients; the customers are beginning to walk through the Testaccio market’s stalls. In his shop he sells natural extracts of fruit/vegetables and take-away organic foods, but his entrepreneurial vision started a long time ago:

After graduating in philosophy with specialism in aesthetics, he began working in the art world and for exhibitions in which he learned how to organize and show precious works. Now a new passion has entered his life: the one for fruit extracts and organic vegetables of the highest quality. We tried to analyze with him his experience and his projects for the future. First of all the name Zoè means life, more precisely the natural life that flows independently from the man’s will, like the heartbeat or the sunrise… a concept taken from Aristotle. His products are the result of a very specific procedure, fruit and vegetables, before being served, pass through an “extractor” which , by means of a slow and cold pressing, obtains juice and pulp of food. This way, the products maintain room temperature and the nutrients are kept unchanged in order to bring the maximum supply of nourishing substances.  However, the Zoè project goes beyond and wants to meet the increasingly growing need of drinks and genuine and healthy  foods; this can be made creating custom-tailored meal plans in collaboration with the nutritionist Giulia Mecozzi, so that every customer will know his needs on that precise day- these plans can also be received comfortably at home thanks to a delivery service.

The research of exclusive products is what makes the difference – continues Matteo – besides the extracts, not less important to be mentioned are the offer of salads and sandwiches with ingredients like the olives from Gaeta D.o.p. , the Caciofiore cheese, produced by the fermentation of sheep’s milk with vegetable rennet of the thistle, the vegetal charcoal bread, coffee bran and spirulina strictly with whole-wheat flour and many others… if you don’t believe your eyes go and check them personally, Zoè will take part in the event in Rome “This is Food” from the 29th to the 31st of May, while in June he will participate in “SUGO – condimenti per la casa”  at the Officine Farneto in Rome. The future is at “km 0”, because from September three hectares of land of the family’s organic farm will be destined to the cultivation of vegetables thus guaranteeing the freshness  of the everyday dishes. Furthermore, the creation of a green network in Rome which includes many more interesting realities of which we’ll be hearing about soon.



Artichalk thanks for the interview and let’s make a toast to health… ZOE’!