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Food tech week in London: visions of London succesful startups leaders

 Food tech week in London: visions of London succesful startups leaders

Artichalk participated at one of the events of the #FoodTechWeek London last Tuesday, October the  20th, with three of the UK most promising start up players: 

- Dimple Lalwani, Founder at Social Belly

- Robert Hall - Founder at Wriggle

- Simon Edwards - Co-Founder at Shuttlecook


Social Belly is an online trusted community marketplaces that allows like-minded people to meet over authentic meals, whether this is in someone's home or in a small independent restaurant.


Wriggle provides on-the-day deals at great independent places - places that don't normally do offers but occasionally have some space at the last minute.


Shuttle cook from Newcastle gives groceries the convenience of a takeaway so you can cook a delicious meal without any of the shopping or deciding. They answered few question about their business


Where is the business of food going?

In comparison with 5 years ago, the trend are companies like Just-eat or Deliveroo which are semplifing the way to get any kind of food at your door. Another sensible transformation is the  boom of organic, light, healthy, halal, kosher, “free”, ethnic, vegetarian and all the players should set their services on that niches where there is lot of attention from Venture Capitalists.

The challenge is very engaging - says Robert Hall, - exactly because of all that changes there is still space for some new ideas. As in the accommodation business there is AirBnB or in the transport Uber, real revolutions could happen even in food tech.

The potential of food industries is huge (a market worth about 80 billion in the next few years in UK). The reality is that there is a lot of people hungry every day, say Simon, and this is a market that leaves lots of space for companies which bring value. Is all about the possibility to grow faster than other competitors. If you have a good ideas you need time to develop it and test it into the market.

Talking about speed is there a tendency out there?

As we said is all about speed! Pronto for example is trying to raise the bar of speed service ensuring an average delivery of 15 min. Overall, taste is the primary factor criterion for whom is willing to pay more for any food product. Second criteria is  aesthetics: a growing tendency in all sectors of consumption.

Are these data interesting for someone in terms of on demand?

Sure, there is an interest in terms of preferences and tastes of users says Robert Even; also knowing where they works and if they like pizza or other food is a good starting point.

What is the best resource you have in your business?

It is our users - says Dimple, they are part of the team and you can learn from them and with their help you can build a better service.

Running a business in London now is not an easy journey especially for founders looking for team mates.

It is a matter of selling your vision to people that loves the same vision and passions: those are good partners for sure. In terms of helpful tools all agreed on Web-start and Ignite tools and communities that were fundamental to start and learn the early lesson.