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Four easy exercices to be healthy in the office

Four easy exercices to be healthy in the office
It is known that the bad habits are difficult to change but we can always replace them with others that bring benefits in the long term.
For example in the office we take wrong postures and we force our body structure to assume unnatural positions for many hours every day.
No need to repeat the problems caused by inactivity, but rather let's think to solve them, to have a healthy lifestyle despite the many hours spent sitting at a desk.
Indeed, we can lighten the load applied to the spine and avoid build-up of tensions with a series of features that keep active muscle structure. Before to switch to the exercises better go over the precautions to avoid the risk of cardiovascular diseases An healthy lifestyle begins where we spend most of the hours of our days. So, for example, can get up several times to stretch their legs, use the stairs instead of the elevator or stop a bus stop or two before to do a walk are all valuable advices.
Turning to practice the first exercise is this:
Rotate the head slowly first counterclockwise and then clockwise by touching with ears shoulders for 6 times, then move the head downwards and upwards to 2 times and then repeat the previous rotation for 6 more times slowly. This will help keep your cervical muscles toned and relaxed.
The second exercise is to the muscles of the shoulders:
sitting on the chair, legs and feet together, back straight and shoulders relaxed, cross your arms across his chest, with the palm of the hand in contact with the shoulders. Inhale through your nose and exhale through the mouth, gently pushing your shoulders down and stretching his neck. Then lift your shoulders up keeping your back straight and repeat this movement 6 times
The third exercise a beneficial influence on your back. Sitting raise both arms up to make it touch the ears, holding out upwards at the same time stretching the neck holding the back of the head upward. Hold for 20-30 seconds, relax, and repeat the movement for 6 times. Always try to keep your feet together and your back straight by performing each exercise.
The fourth exercise is to the muscles of the legs and you can do when you get up to stimulate the circulation. It should be remembered that you should get up from your desk frequently as mentioned above.
Standing get up on his toes and contract the muscles of the Interior leg.repeat it  6 times every time you get up. These exercises can be integrated and done at home or at the gym as shown  in the Mesendiek method .
We remind everyone that also in the office are preferred to fresh food and packaged snacks that we idratate a lot so a bottle of water should not be missing on our desks.
These tips will make your workday more light and healthy.
Have a good job!