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Health Tech & Our Wellbeing

Health Tech & Our Wellbeing

Wearable devices, mobile and web applications, wireless communication and innovative materials, all are means enable us to monitor our wellness and medication, even more to diagnose or to prevent diseases in real time.

Tech wellness is emerging industry driven by entrepreneurs and health professionals who want to improve our world.

These "good companies" are attracting a great deal of attention, form the public users and the business players.

For example in a recent exhibit, we have participated in London at the Design Museum last April, tens of innovative apps have been presented to the wellness enthusiastic visitors.

Apps as Nuffield Health, give you a graphic overview on your "Health-score" for mind and body, Babylon, another app allows you to book an appointment to any doctor around you having a pre diagnose based on the symptoms all with a finger touch.

We were delighted to have a look over such technological software and associated devices.

How is your sleep quality? Probably you don't remember. This is why the team of Optima-Life projected an app which captures data like heart rate and lifestyle indices, it reveals when your body spends time recovering from exertion, or when it is under stress, using vital resources.

If you are more into the nutrition probably you will be interested in iHealth Align, the world's smallest mobile glucometer that measure the amount of sugar in your blood during the day sending alerts on your phone if some value is not in the normal range.

Incredible? Just smart, as the world we want.