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In-take Out-take; “Nutrition” and “Exercise” The Two Pillars

In-take Out-take; “Nutrition” and “Exercise” The Two Pillars

The daily calorie count is given from the macronutrients that contribute to the daily calorie amount on the basis of the following percentages:

·      The 55-60% derives from the consumption of carbohydrates especially complexes (<15% derives from simple sugars)

·      Not more than 15-16% derives from proteins, with prevalence of the ones that have vegetable origin

·      30% derives from fats mainly monounsaturated and characteristics of extra virgin olive oil.

In this food model optimal relations between the amount of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), that guarantee the cover of needs, are achieved spontaneously without disregarding the presence of antioxidant substances with protective action.

A nutrition structured in such a way and a good level of exercise, an integral part of the Mediterranean Diet, are at the base of a healthy lifestyle.

The amount of physical activity recommended from the World Health Organization is 10000 steps per day, which correspond to about 7/8 km of distance travelled.

It will be important to insert progressively some exercises in order to intensify the walk or run with continuity and speed. These latter ones are suggested so as to tone up the muscular system and strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

As a result, the Mediterranean Diet does not underestimate the calorie consumption and the quality of exercise.

Valeria del Balzo