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This is a Health Tech Revolution

This is a Health Tech Revolution

At 18 o'clock, at the Google Campus in London began the conference introducing the exhibit of the event launched in March 2015 “AXA PPP Health Tech and You”. The exhibition shows the collection of a dozen of innovative projects in the medical and scientific domain. Many interesting project have been presented.  Among them Sleepio, an app against the insomnia, a problem on the rise, Babylon, an app to connect medical best-in-field services or an app monitoring glucose levels and blood pressure.

The moderator of the conference is Deyan Sudjic, author of several books on art and design, as well as artistic director of the Design Museum in London. He remarks the growing attention about the event and the interest Healt app has attracted so far with more of 30.000 visitors and 20 selected projects.

The first guest speaker is Mike Pallett winner of 2015 with a Healt Cupris prototype that turns your smartphone into a medical device to control the eardrum. The first guest is Mat Hunter Strategy Director of Central Research Laboratory in London as well as partner of IDEO who believes that all technological innovations should lead to social well-being to be considered successful. Also Anne Tuomisto Digital Marketer of Alphabet, said that her company is looking new paths to anticipate users’ needs and being competitive. Last Pierre Socha a Venture Capitalist which invest in the sector since long time.

Artichalk although is not operating in the medical eHealth market directly pursue in its mission the aim to impact well-being in everyday life through a healthier diet and lifestyle that is one of the factors that most affect the development, performance and on the productivity of people, quality of life and the mental and physical conditions as adult life. Moreover Artichalk considers all the aspects constraining our good practices in everyday life and try to give an answer adopting a preventive standpoint as highly recommended by many publishing of the World Health Organization (WHO).

 “If technology is going in this direction…” - concludes Julia Manning CEO 2020 Health – “…then it is really worth investing resources and create events like these that spread an healthy”.